AMRI Academy 2020

AMRI Academy 2020 Faculty

Kate Andrias (Univ. of Michigan Law), Mehrsa Baradaran (UC Irvine School of Law), Amy Kapczynski (Yale Law), Suresh Naidu (Columbia University), William Novak (Univ. of Michigan Law), Saule Omarova (Cornell Law), Frank Pasquale (Brooklyn Law), Sanjukta Paul (Wayne State University Law School), Dania Rahendra (Athena Coalition), Sabeel Rahman (Brooklyn Law School), Morgan Ricks (Vanderbilt University Law School), and Zephyr Teachout (Fordham University School of Law)

Summer 2020 Schedule

June 9: “Contemporary Problems in Anti-Monopoly and Regulated Industries I: Framing the Problem” with Sabeel Rahman and Suresh Naidu

June 16: “Contemporary Problems in Anti-Monopoly and Regulated Industries II: How We Got Here” with Amy Kapczynski

June 23: “The Progressive Tradition of Anti-Monopoly and Regulation” with William Novak

June 30: “Unpacking the Anti-Monopoly Toolkit I: Regulated Industries, Public Utilities, and Public Options” with William Novak and Sabeel Rahman

July 7: “Unpacking the Anti-Monopoly Toolkit II: Antitrust and Competition”

July 14: “Applications I: Health Care and Insurance” with Frank Pasquale

July 21: “Applications II: Banking and Finance” with Mehrsa Baradaran, Saule Omarova, and Morgan Ricks

July 28: “Applications III: Labor and Anti-Monopoly” with Kate Andrias and Sanjukta Paul

August 4: “Policy and Politics” with Dania Rajendra and Zephyr Teachout