The International Law of Money

For the past two decades, the legal construction of money has received increasing attention from scholars of history and (heterodox) economics. Legal scholarship on the international law of money has lagged behind. Yet, it is widely recognized that international monetary dynamics are key to the democracy-curbing effects of Neoliberalism as expressed through the ‘Washington Consensus’ and enforced by the International Monetary Fund. This panel is aimed at exploring the wider context of the international law of money (which is central to the international dimensions of Neoliberalism) encouraging the development of this area of scholarship as a conscious sub-field of international law.

Paper Presentations:

Rohan Grey (Willamette University College of Law, Modern
Money Network, Digital Fiat Currency Institute)

John Haskell (University of Manchester School of Law)

Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima (University of Leeds School
of Law; Durham Law School)

Nathan Tankus (Modern Money Network & “Notes on the