Raúl Carrillo

Deputy Director

Raúl Carrillo is the Deputy Director of the LPE Project and an Associate Research Scholar at Yale Law School. His work analyzes money as a technology and finance as a mode of governance as well as commerce. He is an Affiliate of the NYU Center for Critical Race + Digital Studies.

Prior to joining the LPE Project, Raúl was Policy Counsel at the Demand Progress Education Fund and a Fellow at the Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund, advising public interest groups and Congressional offices with respect to developments in the financial technology (fintech) sector. He previously worked as a Staff Attorney at New Economy Project and Special Counsel to the Enforcement Director at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Modern Money Network and Public Money Action, an Advisory Council member of Our Money, an Executive Committee member of the National Jobs For All Network, a Board member of the Demand Progress Education Fund, and an Advisory Board member of the Progressive Talent Pipeline.

Raúl can be reached at [email protected]