Session 1

Contemporary Problems in Anti-Monopoly and Regulated Industries I:

Framing the Problem

Required Readings

I. Monopoly Power During the COVID-19 Crisis
II. A Monopoly Power Overview
  • Patrick Foulis, Competition: Trust-Busting in the Twenty-First Century, The Economist (Nov. 15, 2018), report/2018/11/15/across-the-west-powerful-firms-are-becoming-even-more-powerful

       Excerpts: “Across the West, powerful firms are becoming even more powerful,”; “Dynamism has declined across Western economies,”

III. Introduction to Core Anti-Monopoly Themes

         Excerpt: Pages 121-25 (section authored by Jamee Moudud)

  • Lina M. Khan, The Ideological Roots of America’s Market Power Problem, 127 Yale L.J. F. 960 (2018)

         Excerpt: Pages 960-976

  • Sandeep Vaheesan, Privileging Consolidation and Proscribing Cooperation: The Perversity of Contemporary Antitrust Law, 1 Journal of Law & Political Economy 28 (2020),

         Excerpt: Pages 29-38

Recorded Lectures

Optional Readings

Optional: LPE and the Anti-Monopoly Problem

Excerpt: Section IV 

          Excerpt: Pages 746–55

  • Tim Wu, The Curse of Bigness: Anti-Trust in the New Guilded Age (2018)

          Excerpt: Read the Introduction

  • The Roosevelt Institute, Untamed: How to Check Corporate, Financial, and Monopoly Power (2016), content/uploads/2016/06/Untamed-Final-5.10.17.pdf

          Excerpt: Pages 7–9, 13–14, 18

Optional: Recent Empirical Findings

          Excerpt: Pages 1-6, 25

          Excerpt: Pages 232-33

          Excerpt: Pages 2-4, 27-28

          Excerpt: Pages 1–4

          Excerpt: Pages 10-19 [Findings]

          Excerpt: Pages 1267–1269