LPE: Law, Markets, & Justice

Dr. Will Bateman & Dr. Ntina Tzouvala Australian National University

Legal education generally relies upon two unsustainable demarcations: first, it separates law from politics and economics and, secondly, it treats legal fields (contracts, constitutional law, property etc) separately from each other. Generally speaking, private law is equated with ‘economics’ and public law with ‘politics’. These demarcations are neither intellectually rigorous nor practically useful. For that…

Law and Political Economy

Brishen Rogers Georgetown Law Center

This seminar introduces students to the field of “Law and Political Economy” (LPE) and explores current topics in LPE scholarship. LPE scholars are a diverse group whose work cuts across subject areas and methodologies. Nevertheless, LPE scholars tend to hold that “the economy” and “politics” are deeply interdependent—and yet that much legal doctrine, legal scholarship,…

Race, Place, and Law

Yale Law LPE Student Group Yale Law School

This reading group, adapted from a reading list prepared by Brian Highsmith, will explore the relationships between race, place, and the law. Our goal is, per Highsmith, to understand the “institutional stakes of geography for distribution…focusing particularly on racial separation and subjugation in the United States” and the commodification of urban space. “Our readings will…

Law & Political Economy

Amy Kapczynski Yale Law School

Much of legal scholarship and practice in recent decades has held politics and economics apart, abstracting away from or actively denying their interdependence.  Law schools and legal scholarship are organized along an implicit divide between “public” and “private” fields of law which is defined in significant part by the role that economics is thought to…

Fighting 21st C Monopoly Power Reading Group

YLS LPE Student Group

The United States has a monopoly problem. Markets are increasingly concentrated across sectors, contributing to lower wages, higher prices, ballooning corporate profits, and political and economic inequality. In response, lawyers, policymakers, and activists are reimagining and reforming the legal foundations that undergird market organization. At the center of their focus lie antitrust law and regulatory…

Soviet Law, Its Origins and Development

Anna Lukina Free University Moscow & Cambridge

This course examines the way the concepts of the law and state evolved during the first thirty years of the Soviet state, focusing on the intersections of revolution and evolution, politics and law, and terror and legality in the light of a detailed examination of primary and secondary sources.

Transgender Rights & the Law

Kendra Albert Harvard

How does American law treat transgender, genderfluid, nonbinary, agender, and gender- nonconforming people? What assumptions about gender operate in legal doctrines, and how do these assumptions interact with the lives of transgender people, especially those at the intersection of multiple axes of oppression? This seminar will discuss contemporary cases involving transgender rights, as well as…

Debt & Finance Reading Group

Michael Brennan & Ashley Burke Metro CD DSA

Have you ever wondered what debt is, where it came from, and how it came to underpin American political economy? We’ll try to answer these questions and more in the Debt and Finance reading group. The group will meet on Zoom every two weeks to discuss readings on the origins of debt, the rise of…

The Lawyer as Public Citizen: Access to Justice

Deborah Weissman UNC Law

This course will teach the principles of the lawyer as public citizen and the profession’s obligations to facilitate access to justice through a combination of readings,discussions, practice simulations, drafting exercises, and guest speakers. Major topics to be covered include the history of the provision of legal aid to the poor including the development ofcase law,…

(Re)Searching for Justice

Nicholas Mignanelli University of Miami School of Law

This is a short research course designed for aspiring movement lawyers and students interested in social justice issues. Topics covered include the legal research process and its limitations, critical approaches to conducting legal research, critical legal scholarship, and emerging legal research technologies and their shortcomings.

Law & Political Economy Seminar

Glasgow Legal Theory Group University of Glasgow School of Law

This course offers an introduction to Political Economy, followed by units on “Law, Economy, & Labor,” “Law & Money,” and “Law, Nature, & the Pandemic”

Legal Ethics & Social Justice

Kathryn Sabbeth UNC Law

This course explores the relationship between social justice and lawyers’ ethics. It examines theoretical and practical questions related to the core duties of the profession. The focus is how these duties work in tandem or in tension with social justice commitments.

Realizing Worker and Social Justice Reading Group

Kyle Bigley, Angie Liao, & Ann Sarnak Yale Law School

Law governs the workplace in myriad ways. Though many regulations concerning work are concentrated in the fields of employment and labor law (“ELL”), issues of workplace justice intersect with almost every legal field and subfield conceivable, from criminal law to environmental law to education law to immigration law to First Amendment law and beyond.  This…

LPE of Money Reading Group

Joel Michaels & David Herman Yale Law School

The goal of this reading group is to consider the constitutive role of law in the value, production, and circulation of money, as well as its attendant impacts on inequality and economic injustice. In the first part of the course, participants will grapple with theoretical building-blocks for understanding the mechanics of the money supply and…

Designing Real Utopias

Noah Zatz UCLA Law

This seminar imagines the legal realization of radical hope. Contemporary social movements are insisting that another world is possible, and necessary. Complementing urgent efforts to resist or mitigate intense injustice in the present, bold visions for the future are on the table, if not yet around the corner: abolishing police and prisons, universal basic income,…