Our Team

The LPE Project was founded in 2018 by Amy Kapczynski, David Singh Grewal, Jedediah Britton-Purdy, and K. Sabeel Rahman.

Corinne Blalock

Corinne Blalock is the Executive Director of the LPE Project and an Associate Research Scholar at Yale Law School.

James Brandt

James Brandt is the Managing Editor of the Law and Political Economy Blog.

Sarah Harwood

Sarah Harwood is the Program Coordinator for the LPE Project at Yale Law School.

Amy Kapczynski

Amy Kapczynski is Professor of Law at Yale Law School, a co-founder of the LPEblog, and a faculty co-director of the LPE Project and the Yale Global Health Justice Partnership.

K. Sabeel Rahman

K. Sabeel Rahman is a faculty co-director of the LPE Project and a Professor at Cornell Law School.

Talia K. Rothstein

Talia K. Rothstein is the Law and Organizing Fellow for the LPE Project and a Postdoctoral Associate at Yale Law School.