Starting (or Joining) a Student Group

Did you find this blog because you were desperate for an approach to legal analysis that takes oppression and democracy seriously? Do you want to analyze and change how legal rules distribute power? Do you find that law student organizations and legal thought on your campus aren’t sufficiently addressing concerns like class, racial, and gender hierarchies?

There may be an LPE student group at your school already! (Please double-check the list on this page!)

If not, you can help bring LPE to your institution. Please fill out this form to receive a quick reference guide for students who are interested in organizing an LPE chapter at their law school. The guide (LPE in a Box!) will help you launch a student group, start a reading group, host LPE-themed events, and connect you to a broader network of like-minded law students and practitioners. You can use the form to get in touch about any questions or ideas as well. Don’t be shy!

Students are also welcome to join the “at-large” student group (which has been set up for students who may not have a critical mass of LPE-inclined students at their institutions). If you are interested in the at-large group, please fill out this form!