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LPE 101

The LPE 101 lectures pair video recordings and short readings from the blog that illustrate how LPE frameworks can help us examine law’s role in the perpetuation of racial and gender injustice, the devaluation of social and ecological reproduction, and the violence of the carceral state under capitalism. The lectures also look at how LPE scholars use the law & political economy framework to explore concrete legal reforms designed to move beyond neoliberalism and toward a genuinely responsive, egalitarian democracy, with critical attention to the need for power and movement-building as part of any such transformation.

LPE 101 offers an overview of the law and political economy approach with some of the leading voices in this emerging field. It begins with two introductory lectures by Amy Kapczynski and Angela Harris, and then includes a series of lectures addressing the insights to be gained from viewing the areas of law that make up the law school curriculum through an LPE lens.

The first 5 LPE 101 sessions posted here were organized and recorded through a collaboration with ACS

Session 1: Intro to Law & Political Economy I with Amy Kapczynski

Session 2: Intro to Law & Political Economy II with Angela Harris

Session 3: An LPE Approach to Constitutional Law with Jedediah Britton-Purdy

Session 4: Law of the Platform Economy: Antitrust, Labor, & Contracts with Sanjukta Paul

Session 5: Law of Money & Banking with Lev Menand

Session 6: An LPE Approach to Tort Law with Talha Syed