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Weekly Roundup: April 12

We offer our biannual round-up of forthcoming LPE and LPE-adjacent scholarship, while Premal Dharia concludes our symposium on Radical Acts of Justice. Plus, the fourth session of our Courts series with Amy Kapczynski and Ganesh Sitaraman; a special issue of Law & Contemporary Problems with work by David Grewal, Christine Desan, and others; an online reading group on Brenna Bhandar and Cheryl Harris; and an upcoming event with the FTC's consumer protection chief, alongside Frank Pasquale and Luke Herrine.

(Some of) The Best New LPE and LPE-Adjacent Scholarship

With the spring submission season nearly in the books, we highlight some of the most exciting forthcoming LPE and LPE-adjacent articles. Covering antitrust, legal theory, climate change, religion, disability, labor, consumer protection, criminal law, and so much more, this scouting report is not to be missed.

Weekly Roundup: April 5

Mila Versteeg, Kevin Cope, and Gaurav Mukherjee on the right to sleep under bridges, Luke Messac on how the IRS could reduce medical debt, and Elizabeth Dale on the history of popular police power. Plus, the fourth session of our Courts series with Amy Kapczynski and Ganesh Sitaraman, a TWAIL conference on non-western Imperialisms, an upcoming event on Aziz Rana's The Constitutional Bind, Lina Khan on the Daily Show, Jed Purdy on Raymond Williams, and Nate Holdren and Rob Hunter on Werner Bonefeld's A Critical Theory of Economic Compulsion.

Weekly Roundup: March 28

Chris Essert on homelessness and property; Ganesh Sitaraman, Sanjay Jolly, Zephyr Teachout, Nikolas Guggenberger, Anupam Chander, and Elettra Bietti on the pending TikTok ban; and Meredith Whittaker on regulating social media in a time of rising illiberalism. Plus, upcoming events on Law and American Empire and Law and Marxism, as well as new pieces by Sanjukta Paul, Bryce Tuttle, and Felicia Wong.

Weekly Roundup: March 22

Sara Rankin on the most consequential homeless rights case in decades, Marshall Steinbaum on the material basis for the culture war over higher education, and Marc-William Palen on recovering the left-wing free trade tradition. Plus, so many upcoming events this excerpt simply can't do them justice: Empire and Constitutional Law, Historical Approaches to Neoliberal Legality, Participatory Law Scholarship, Heterodox Economics Meets LPE, Digital Identity and Domination, Money-Empire-Law, and much else.

Weekly Roundup: March 15, 2024

Julieta Lobato on Milei's labor governance, Evan Bernick on the role of the Constitution in freedom struggles, and Jonathan Glater & Adriana Hardwicke on the fracturing of higher education. Plus, the next session in our Courts open course, a call for recently accepted LPE-relevant articles, pieces on the destruction of the Covid social safety net, the future of health care reform, and the politics of inequality, and, finally, Joe Biden is putting America back to work: job openings at the LPE Blog, the Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator, and the American Economic Liberties Project.