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LPE Summer Webinar Series: Mapping Political Economy


We are elated to finally announce the LPE Project’s summer webinar series, the first session of which is tonight!

The series is called “Mapping U.S. Law and Political Economy”, and will involve conversations between LPE scholars about current features of the U.S. legal-political order, how they came to be and where they might be going, with an emphasis on the political coalitions that have shaped and reshaped them. At tonight’s session, Sanjukta Paul and Sandeep Vaheesan will trace antitrust law’s journey from part of the radical populist platform to a depoliticized space where highly-paid experts compete to convince judges which the most “efficient” way to organize economic production is.

See details above and register here to attend one or more of these sessions (links to the webinars will be distributed the morning of the event)!