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Weekly Roundup: April 23, 2021


At the Blog

We hosted the second Blogged symposium from our deconstructed Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism conference, a symposium called “Political Economy, Political Technology

Salom√© Viljoen explored how the “techlash” brings together questions about how to design deeper structures of social planning in a way that cannot be easily cabined by neoliberal reifications of market and state, legal and private ordering.

Ben Green argued that critical approaches to political economy have to grapple with the embeddedness of algorithmic logics.

Jake Goldenfein presented his work on how Google Scholar and other online metrics of scholarly impact have increasingly come to determine what counts as worthwhile research.

Stay tuned next week for the final installment from Jason Jackson!

In LPE Land

The Zoomed iterations of the Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism conference are winding down as the semester comes to a close, but it’s not finished! On Monday, April 26, check out LPE, Inclusion, & Public Law. And watch this space for a new date for the postponed Critical Theory & Law Reform session. And don’t forget that recordings of past sessions are available on the conference website.

Not strictly in LPE Land, but here’s an article in the New Republic featuring some of the work of our Managing Editor.