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Weekly Roundup: May 27, 2022


At the Blog

On Monday, Molly Gordon and Ann Sarnak introduced a symposium on Decommodifying Urban Property. As they write, “LPE scholars might ask if law can be used to re-embed land and shelter within nourishing social relationships, or whether the law is only relevant to a piecemeal strategy of transferring ownership from distant deep-pocketed investors to the people who actually reside in local communities. In other words—can we only hope to take land off the speculative market? Or can we take the speculative market off land?”

On Wednesday, Sheila Foster sketched the contours of a state that enables decommodification of land and housing, allowing communities to steward their own resources toward the public good. Through the creation of institutions like community land trusts and the transfer of vacant and underutilized public property to historically marginalized communities, cities can embrace a ‘resurgence’ of the state after its long decline during the era of neoliberalism. As Foster argues, “the state can and should play a catalytic role in directing change by helping to form new institutional structures, transform communities, and create or shape new economies that are more just and non-extractive.”

In LPE Land

The arrival of a handsome new volume on Labor in Competition Law, featuring LPE stalwarts Sanjukta Paul, Luke Herrine, & Sandeep Vaheesan, among many others.

Have you been hoping for an LPE syllabus that includes many of the theoretical foundations on which LPE scholarship is built & deep dives into topic areas? You’re in luck! Yochai Benkler has recently deposited the syllabus for his LPE course at HLS into our ever-expanding LPE syllabus bank.

The Consortium on American Political Economy is seeking applications for a postdoctoral fellowship!

The application deadline for the Sustainable and Global Economic Law’s Summer School in Amsterdam have been extended to June 4th.