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3rd Annual Summer Academy on Law, Money and Technology (University of Manchester)

Jul 26, 2021

26th to 30th July 2021
Online Event
4:00-5:30pm UK time

The 3rd Annual Summer Academy on Law, Money and Technology is hosted by the University of Manchester in coordination with the Association for Promotion of Political Economy and Law (APPEAL), the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, and the Finance, Law and Economics Working Group of the Institute for New Economic Thinking Young Scholars Initiative (INET YSI/FLE). The aim of the Summer Academy is to bring together emerging and established scholars and policy makers to spend time working together. We invite colleagues from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds to explore the interface of law, money and technology and how these dynamics relate to the future of democracy. The Summer Academy design is experimental, with the design of sessions to allow us to practice how we listen and share with one another, how we approach problems from progressive orientations, and that not only offers insight but is fun.

The program is organised around once a day sessions. The sessions bring together emerging and established scholars across a range of disciplines and interests to work together in a variety of group formats around a common problem and to share insights with one another. Aside from the first day of the program,there are no formal conference-style panels. The problems focus on questions involving the political economy and law of gender/race, markets/workplace, and technology. Everyone is welcome to attend and to participate. The fifth day is dedicated to a writing workshop, with emerging scholars submitting papers for peer review from established scholars. For Day 5, we invite scholars from Masters programs to within 3 years of having finished their PhD to submit papers of no more than 8,000 words.

The Summer Academy is modular and while the program is designed for conversations to build over the course of the days, there is no expectation of attendance across the entire program. We would be delighted for you to join us.