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APPEAL Reading Group: What Is Capitalism?

Aug 27, 2020



Time of Event:

Thursday 3pm ET

This will be the second meeting of APPEAL’s seminar format reading group which will explore the meaning and nature of capitalism with a focus on political economy and law.  It meets approximately every month, and participants are expected to read material circulated in advance and to be prepared to discuss a series of questions about the readings on topics such as the elements of capitalism; temporal dynamics of capitalism; varieties of capitalism; and capitalism, subjectivity, and inequality. The workshops are hosted by Professor Jamee Moudud of Sarah Lawrence College, in collaboration with Aleksandar Stojanovic, John Haskell, and Martha McCluskey, with research assistance from Nikos Efstratudakis.  The reading group anticipates producing some collaborative writing to capture and develop themes from the discussions. 

Readings for the second session are to be determined soon. For details, click here to register for this APPEAL Reading Group (we’ll send the zoom link and electronic copies of the readings via email).  For further more information, email with Capitalism Reading Group in the subject line.  Thank you!