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APPEAL Reading Group: What is Capitalism?

Sep 25, 2020

Join the APPEAL Reading Group for the third session of their “What is Capitalism?” Reading Group. Meeting approximately every month, the reading group expects participants to read material circulated in advance. All are welcome, and participants need not attend each session. Discussions will draw on a series of questions on topics such as the elements of capitalism; temporal dynamics of capitalism; varieties of capitalism; and capitalism, subjectivity, and inequality.

This session continues their discussion of Keynesian theory and policy to capitalism. They will read another short essay by economist Joan Robinson as well as two short pieces by Warren Samuels, an economist and economic historian who wrote extensively on law and economics.

This session’s discussion will be led by Dr. Eric Scorsone, an institutional economist who worked closely with Samuels and who directs the MSUE Center for Local Government Finance and Policy at Michigan State University. Check out his new blog, Institutional Law and Economics: The Legal-Economic Nexus.

They will send the readings once you register:

Joan Robinson, What has become of the Keynesian Revolution? Challenge (Jan./Feb. 1974)

Warren Samuels, In Praise of Joan Robinson: Economics as Social Control, Society (Jan./Feb. 1989)

Warren Samuels, Some Fundamentals of the Economic Role of Government, 23 J. of Economic Issues 427-433 (1989).

For further more information, email with Capitalism Reading Group in the subject line.