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APPEAL Reading Group: What Is Capitalism?

Oct 23, 2020



Time of Event:

Friday 3pm ET

Please join us for the next session of the APPEAL reading group to explore the law and political economy of capitalism.   All are welcome, and participants need not attend each session, though we do ask participants to read the materials in advance.  We also encourage participants to join APPEAL by signing up as a member, . 

For this session, we’ll discuss one or more short readings by John Commons, an early 20th century expert in law and economics from an institutionalist perspective.  You can get the readings by registering at the link above. 

Leading this session’s discussion will be Dr. Eric Scorsone, director of the MSUE Center for Local Government Finance and Policy at Michigan State University, along with economist Sarah S. Klammer, an academic specialist with the MSU Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics.  Scorsone and Klammer co-author the blog, Institutional Law and Economics:  The Legal-Economic Nexus.  Martha McCluskey will also provide a legal perspective. 

Looking ahead, please also save the date for the next session of the group, November 20, at 3pm Eastern Standard Time, where University of Massachusetts Amherst Economics Professor Carol Heim will lead a discussion of Jonathan Levy, “Accounting for Profit and the History of Capital,” Critical Historical Studies, Vol. 1, No. 2 (Fall 2014), pp. 171-214, along with her own short essay giving an overview capitalism for the Dictionary of American History, Third Edition.

Register at the below link to receive the zoom link and readings. For further more information, email with Capitalism Reading Group in the subject line.