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Book Launch for “Class Warrior: The Selected Works of E.T. Kingsley”

Jan 25, 2023

Please join Benjamin Isitt and Ravi Malhotra to celebrate the the launch of their co-edited book, Class Warrior: The Selected Works of E. T. Kingsley (with a foreword by Bryan D. Palmer)

“We hear much in these days of the right to live. At this very moment the great working class of the world do not possess that right. They only have the privilege; and this because they have no command over the means of life. The things the workers have to use in order to feed, clothe and shelter themselves, are the instruments used to dispossess that working class.”
  —E. T. Kingsley

In October 1890, Eugene T. Kingsley’s life changed irrevocably while working as a brakeman on the Northern Pacific Railway when he was injured in a fall between two rail cars. While recuperating in hospital after the amputation of both legs, he began reading the works of Karl Marx. Joining a popular socialist movement, his activism eventually brought him to Vancouver, B.C. where he founded the Socialist Party of Canada (SPC). Kingsley, known as a passionate orator, went on to become one of the most prominent socialist intellectuals of his day. Class Warrior is a collection of Kingsley’s writing and speeches that underscores his tremendous impact on Canadian political discourse.

About the Author/Editors
E. T. (Eugene Thornton) Kingsley was founder and leader of the Socialist Party of Canada (SPC). Benjamin Isitt is an historian, author, and legal scholar. Ravi Malhotra is a professor in the faculty of law at the University of Ottawa.

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