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Conference Panel: Social Movements and the Relation to the Political

Mar 4, 2021



Time of Event:

Thursday 2:30 - 4PM (ET)

As legal scholars and social scientists have begun to center questions of law and political economy, powerbuilding community organizations have also grappled with how to take action to structurally challenge the neoliberal present. This panel will feature reflections about the ways that social movements facilitate democratic engagement (including constitutional interpretation), as well as new forms of political subjectivity. The panelists will also discuss the various ways in which lawyers can support and work alongside social movements, with a specific focus on what LPE scholarship can contribute, and the challenges of bridging the divide between academia and those working directly in organizing.


Willy Forbath (University of Texas at Austin School of Law)
Brian Kettenring (Center for Popular Democracy)
Connie Razza (Social & Economic Justice Leaders Project)
Lucie White (Harvard Law School)
John Whitlow (CUNY School of Law)