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Coöperism: Toward a Theory and Praxis of Cooperation with Bernard Harcourt

Sep 26, 2023


Yale Law School (Rm 129) + Zoom

Time of Event:

12:10pm ET

On Tuesday, September 26 at 12:10pm, the LPE Project held a lunch talk with critical theorist, legal scholar, and lawyer Bernard Harcourt. In conversation with Corinne Blalock, Harcourt discussed his recently published book, Cooperation: A Political, Economic, and Social Theory (Columbia University Press).

At a moment of multiple crises, Cooperation highlights the urgency of cooperation democracy. Situating his work in the tradition of abolition democracy, Harcourt draws on extant models of cooperation across the globe to develop a theory and praxis of coöperism that recognizes our interdependence, ensures equitable distribution of wealth, and replaces a paradigm of punishment with that of cooperation. Published on the centennial of “On Cooperation” by Vladimir Lenin, Cooperation provides a positive vision for addressing our most urgent challenges today.