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LPE Society at Berkeley: “From Critique to Construction: Legal Realism and CLS from an LPE Perspective” with Talha Syed

Nov 1, 2022


Berkeley Law Rm 132 & Zoom

Time of Event:

4pm ET / 1pm PT

“What is the role of law in political economy? And what is the role of political economy in law?” These questions constitute the orienting agenda of the emerging Law and Political Economy project, and “within that agenda the legacy of two prior efforts at grappling with these questions—Legal Realism and Critical Legal Studies (CLS)—looms large.” Join the Berkeley Law & Political Economy Society for a presentation from Professor Talha Syed on his working paper titled “Legal Realism and CLS from an LPE Perspective,” in which he takes stock of that legacy and advances “a critique of central aspects of the received traditions of Realism and CLS, for the sake of developing new foundations for the analysis of both law and political economy.” That is, after the critique of law and after the critique of political economy, what comes next?

Lunch will be provided and a Zoom option will be available. If you would like to read Prof. Syed’s paper ahead of time, you can find it at this link. And, whether joining in person or virtually, please RSVP at this link. If joining virtually, the Zoom link and passcode will be distributed to all registrants on Monday the 31st and the morning of Tuesday the 1st.