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Historicizing the Assault on CRT: The Right vs. Public Education

Oct 28, 2021



Time of Event:

Thursday 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM ET

This virtual panel will situate the recent attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT) within the broader context of U.S. political economic development. The panelists will trace the tumultuous struggle for power over public education from Jim and Jane Crow to sexual education and LGTBQ issues to current debates surrounding CRT. Together, they will cast the backlash to CRT (and critical thinking about race, in general) as part of a broader strategy to privatize and control public education in service of social hierarchy and economic inequality. At the same time, the panelists will also explore how structural racism in the United States uniquely informs and shapes other legal and political commitments on display in the assault on free, universal public education. Through this event, we hope to impart a deeper sense of the stakes of current events and support ongoing resistance.


LaToya Baldwin Clark, UCLA School of Law

Nikhil Pal Singh, NYU

Aziz Rana, Cornell Law School

Diana Reddy, UC Berkeley

This event is co-sponsored by ClassCrits.