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LPE Society: Intro to LPE w/ David Grewal

Mar 4, 2021

The Law and Political Economy Society ( at Berkeley is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering interest and discussion in LPE, offering a community through which students and practitioners can build creative thinking, dissent, and systemic critique into their study and practice.

The LPE Soc is very excited to host Introduction to Law and Political Economy with Berkeley’s own David Grewal Thursday, March 4th, at 1 pm PT (4 pm EST)

Professor David Grewal, a co-founder of the Law & Political Economy Project, for a short lunch talk on March 4th. At a time when law schools are pervaded by views of law that remove “the market” from questions of justice or power, Professor Grewal has worked to “amplify and catalyze scholarship and pedagogy that place themes of power, equality, and democracy at the center of legal scholarship.” He will spend 15-minutes providing a broad overview of LPE as well as the seminar that he teaches before we open the discussion to 30-minutes of questions. This event may be of particular interest to Berkeley students who are interested in taking David’s Law and Political Economy seminar in the future. 

The zoom link is available here