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Introducing the Journal of Law and Political Economy

Oct 16, 2020



Time of Event:

Friday 5:00pm ET

A roundtable discussion featuring members of the Editorial Board of the new peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Law and Political Economy, and short presentations by some of the authors appearing in Volume 1, Issue 1.

This roundtable discussion will introduce the newest addition to the Law and Political Economy ecosystem—the Journal of Law and Political Economy. A project of ClassCrits many years in the making, JLPE is an online, peer-reviewed journal hosted by the University of California’s eScholarship platform. Building on the critical traditions of political economy outside law and the critical tradition within legal scholarship, its mission is to serve as an outlet for rigorous, innovative, and interdisciplinary scholarship that explores the mutually constitutive roles of law, state governance, and market governance. Volume 1, Issue 1 of the journal, due to be posted in October 2020, features a distinguished group of legal and non-legal scholars tackling a wide range of topics, including the international political implications of settler colonialism; family policy in ostensibly free-market societies; the “dataist” surveillance state; the structure and function of global value chains under neoliberal governance; and the relationship between the carceral state and economic discipline. In addition to providing snippets from articles featured in the first issue, speakers will discuss the history, structure, and mission of the journal and the organizational ecosystem of which it is a part.