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NYU LPEA’s 101 Speaker Series w/ James Kwak

Feb 8, 2021


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Time of Event:

Monday 12:45pm ET

The NYU Law & Political Economy Association (“LPEA”) works to create an intellectual and social forum for students to plug into ongoing discussions about the ways in which problematic economic and political assumptions are often embedded in the law, and conversely, the role that law plays in creating and maintaining unjust hierarchies of class, race, gender, and sexuality as well as ecologically unsustainable economic systems. Through our annual “LPE 101” speaker series, LPEA introduces NYU Law students and guests to critical LPE frameworks for addressing the urgent issues of our time. 

Join the NYU Law and Political Economy Association for the next LPE 101 event of the semester, a conversation with Professor James Kwak on law and economism.  

Economism: an ideology that distorts the valid principles and tools of introductory college economics, propagated by self-styled experts, zealous lobbyists, clueless politicians, and ignorant pundits. Professor Kwak’s scholarship provides a historical account of how economism became a prevalent mode of thought in the United States—focusing on the people who packaged Econ 101 into sound bites that were then repeated until they took on the aura of truth. He shows us how issues of moment in contemporary American society—labor markets, taxes, finance, health care, and international trade, among others—are shaped by economism, demonstrating how, because of its failure to reflect the complexities of our world, economism has had a deleterious influence on policies that affect hundreds of millions of Americans.

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