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EXTENDED DEADLINE: The LPE Blog is Hiring Student Editors for 2024-2025

Apr 10, 2024

The Law and Political Economy Blog is looking to hire two student editors to join our staff starting in June 2024, with the expectation of working some amount over the summer (though the Blog goes on hiatus in August) and continuing in the position for 2024-2025 academic year.

The work involves collaboratively coming up with ideas for posts, soliciting posts from authors, editing drafts, and posting the results. Each editor will cover a primary “beat” or two (e.g., antitrust, care work, labor, etc.), but these are not rigid silos. Expected workload is ~3-5 hours a week on average, including a weekly (virtual) editorial meeting that lasts approximately ~30min. Pay is at the standard Yale RA rate ($16.75/hr). 

To apply, email with the subject “Application for Editor Position.”

Please include: (1) Your CV or Resume; (2) A paragraph about your interests in LPE and areas you’d like to cover for the blog; (3) a paragraph with two ideas for stand-alone posts; (4) a paragraph with one idea for a blog symposium, with a fake roster of contributors.

We are primarily looking for broad familiarity with Law & Political Economy, the work of the blog, and a nose for coming up with interesting post ideas. Any experience with editing or public-facing writing is welcome but not required.