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LPE 101: A Law & Political Economy Approach to Torts with Talha Syed

Sep 16, 2022


Zoom and Yale Law School (SLB 120)

Time of Event:

Friday 12:10pm ET

This is the next iteration of our LPE 101 series with Professor Talha Syed (UC Berkeley) discussing an LPE approach to Torts!

Tort law deals with two foundational subjects: Rights and Risk. The prevailing modes of analyzing these within tort theory and policy have been as realms of corrective justice (moral philosophy) or social policy (law-and-economics). A Law and Political Economy (LPE) approach, by contrast, offers a fundamentally different view of the subject: as a central arena of social justice. As such an LPE approach offers not only distinct substantive insights into tort law but also, and perhaps as importantly, a distinct methodology for approaching law in general.