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LPE Loyola Presents: Economic Justice Speaker Series

Oct 12, 2022


Loyola Law School; Zoom

Time of Event:

Wednesday 12PM PT (first event); 5PM PT (second event)

Please join LPE Loyola for a double header featuring talks by interdisciplinary political philosopher Dr. Nimi Wariboko (Walter G. Muelder Professor of Social Ethics at Boston University) and MMT policy expert Rohan Grey (Assistant Professor of Law, Willamette University).  

Dr. Nimi Wariboko — “The Inevitability of Injustice in Modern Capitalist Economies: How to Think it, Resist it

Capitalist economies do not generate injustice, repression, and inequality because their major actors are wicked, unjust, or unreligious. The core ethical problem of capitalism lies in the split nature of the modern economy, an economy divided against itself. Production is set against finance, consumption against saving, and the future against the present. This fundamental negativity at the core of the economy disturbs its stability and identity, generating its destructive drive. To resist capitalism and the core ethical challenges it engenders we need to grasp this fundamental dynamic at the heart of capitalism and demand the impossible: abolish the future capitalism has formatted for human sociality, the environment, and temporality.  

12pm on 10/12 in Hall of the 70s (we’ll have some food!), and on Zoom at

Rohan Grey — “What Is Modern Monetary Theory?

Professor Grey’s talk will primarily cover the nuts and bolts of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).  Over the past decade, the school of macroeconomic thought known as MMT has exploded into the policy consciousness.  After starting out as a fringe heterodox movement, MMT is now making waves in policy circles as well as among financial experts, activists, and the media.  But what is MMT?  Why does it matter?  How does it interact with the law?  Tune in to find out. 

5:30pm on 10/12, ZOOM ONLY!

These events are part of a larger speaker series on economic justice.  In a future installment of the series, at 12pm in Merrifield Hall, 10/26, Sparky Abraham of the Debt Collective will speak about the fight for a debt jubilee affecting all student, medical, and carceral debt.