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LPE Mentoring “Office Hours”

Mar 4, 2022



Time of Event:

Friday 4 PM ET

Please Join Us!

Law and Political Economy  “Office Hours”

Upcoming Mentoring Session

Co-sponsored by LPE Project and APPEAL 

When:  Friday March 4, 2022. 4:00 – 5:00pm ET, (UTC-5) via zoom (link will be provided to accepted registrants)

Registration & Deadline:  Sign up HERE by March 1, 2022. Space is limited.  

Who: We welcome new & aspiring scholars, graduate and professional students, and others interested in careers in Law and Political Economy to join us for a small group discussion with faculty about academic interests and career strategies. 

Participating Faculty:

Professor Michele Gilman, University of Baltimore Law 

Professor James F. Tierney, Nebraska College of Law 

 “Office Hour” Goals and Themes:   -Get ideas and advice for formulating research projects in the LPE approach and strategizing for job market placement.   -Connect with peers with similar concerns -Share enthusiasm for being intellectually curious and genuinely thoughtful!

More on Participating Faculty Interests and Expertise:  

Prof. Michele Gilman: 

Areas of interest: for scholarship — data privacy, poverty law, feminist legal theory; for teaching – clinical teaching, evidence, administrative law

Career topics: I can probably be especially useful to anyone who is also engaged in or thinking about clinical teaching.  I also do a lot of mentoring on strategies for scholarship & publication.  Open to anything! 

Prof. James Tierney

Ares of interest: My research focuses on the law and political economy of capital markets and capitalism; regulation and enforcement in capital markets; structures of capital ownership and intermediation; and contract design.  My teaching includes business law,  corporations, securities regulation, and Law and Economics.  

Career topics: I’m happy to chat about whatever participants are interested in, but am probably best able to speak on strategies for scholarship and publication, the entry level and pre-entry level (fellowship/VAP) job markets, teaching, connecting theory and practice (organizing, nonprofit/pro bono work, and policy work), and work-life issues.

Guiding Thought (from Dr. John Haskell, University of Manchester Law):   We all face doors that seem locked in our lives at various moments. Sometimes they are; sometimes it is just a matter of the wrong key. Sometimes it is just that there are other doors we aren’t seeing. But there is always something to do about a situation and often the best way to get unstuck (or to stay unstuck) is to have opportunities to brainstorm with others. We hope these sessions help facilitate everyone to discover more and better choices in their professional and political life journeys.