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LPE Society’s People Over Courts: How to Beat an Extremist 6-3 Majority

Oct 1, 2020



Time of Event:

5:35pm PT/8:35pm ET

The Law and Political Economy Society ( at Berkeley is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering interest and discussion in LPE, offering a community through which students and practitioners can build creative thinking, dissent, and systemic critique into their study and practice.

In the wake of Justice Ginsburg’s sad and untimely death, we must unfortunately consider how to pursue a progressive agenda despite a hostile and extremist Supreme Court. On Thursday, October 1st, at 5:35pm PT/8:35pm ET, we will discuss possible proposals, from court packing to jurisdiction stripping, on how we could move forward.

Suggested reading:


The format of our discussion will be a brief presentation on these proposals, followed by a breakout room discussion with prompts, and concluding with a full-group discussion. This event is open to all! No need to read the readings, we’d like to reserve this space as an opportunity to discuss, brainstorm, and constructively vent for anyone troubled by the direction the Court is likely to take.