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NYU LPE 101: K-Sue Park on Conquest & Slavery in Property Law

Mar 29, 2021


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Time of Event:

12:45 PM (ET)

On Monday March 29th from 12:45-2:00 the NYU Law and Political Economy Association will be hosting Professor K-Sue Park (Georgetown Law) for a talk, “Conquest and Slavery in the Property Law Course.” This talk will be the fifth in this year’s LPE 101 series. 

Professor Park will be speaking on how histories of colonization and enslavement should reframe our understanding of American property law, focusing on how and why property continues to be such a major force behind racial inequality. 

If you’re a past or present 1L curious to know how property intertwines with today’s most pressing problems, join us! 

No need to register, just follow this link: