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Conference Panel: Power, Money & Markets

Mar 1, 2021



Time of Event:

Monday 2:00-3:30 ET

This panel will discuss the complex links between the legal dynamics of money and markets, and their role in economic development and geopolitics. Critical theories of money stress that its legal construction can make or break social transformation. But how elastic is the law of money, especially in ‘peripheral’ financial markets? How does the valuation of money structure international markets and market power, concretely? Critical theories of markets emphasize their coercive functions, especially in structuring economic identity and exchange. Can markets serve as tools of social equity, or even democracy, rather than exploitation? What sort of legal and technological transformations would facilitate this vision? Would they require changes to monetary systems as well as markets? Our panelists will explore these questions and more in-depth.

Paula Ahumada (Universidad de Chile School of Law)
Roy Kreitner (Tel Aviv University Buchmann Faculty of Law)
Suresh Naidu (Columbia University)
Talha Syed (UC Berkeley School of Law)

Paper Abstracts: