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Progressive Talent Pipeline: Apply by September 30!

Sep 23, 2020

The Progressive Talent Pipeline is a program to identify, endorse, train, and recommend a diverse slate of committed progressives for staff roles in Congress and the executive branch. 

Working in government is one of the most strategic ways to impact policy-making and shape the national political discourse, but there is not always an obvious entry point for potential staffers who do not already have insider connections and are not yet trained in the workings of Congress or other parts of the federal government. 

Our vision is to bring new perspectives, expertise, and energy into governance in order to “build the bench” of progressive staff talent and advance progressive priorities.

More than 40 of our initially endorsed candidates secured employment in Congress. Members of our endorsed cohort have drafted questions for Jerome Powell, are writing a bill with Saule Omarova, and are working for members of “the Squad.” 

We recently launched our 2020 cycle ahead of potentially large numbers of openings in Congress and the executive branch. 

The priority application deadline for the Progressive Talent Pipeline is September 30, 2020 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Applications received after that deadline will be assessed on a rolling basis, as capacity permits.

You can find out more information about the program (including more information about various staff roles and the typical salary ranges for them) at:

Note: We want Congress and the executive branch to be staffed with people who represent the diversity of the US and ensure that the people helping to make federal policy both authentically understand and can effectively respond to the needs of communities that can’t afford high-priced lobbyists. So people from historically disenfranchised groups or communities are encouraged to apply.