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Call for Abstracts: Routledge Handbook of Cooperative Economics & Management

Apr 15, 2023

Call for Abstracts

Edited by Jerome Warren, Jamin Hübner, Lucio Biggerio Kemi Ogunyemi, Sara Vicari

The editors of the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Cooperative Economics & Management cordially invite interested scholars to contribute to this important, timely, and transdisciplinary reference work. The Handbook will provide 3,500-7,000 word essays that cover various areas of cooperative economics. The volume will:

  • Provide a comprehensive introduction to the subject and the current state of affairs with regard to the study of cooperation in the economy generally and of the cooperative sector and related sectors particularly;
  • highlight the essential issues and debates, and provide a future research agenda, outlining especially the distinctions and similarities between individual and (inter)organizational cooperation;
  • explore the similarities and differences between competitive economics and cooperative economics, and identify how cooperative economics is more capable of addressing the known problems of global neoliberalism, such as ecological collapse, wealth inequality, and social/relational problems;
  • develop a range of analytic approaches to the subject, both appreciative and critical, and synthesize new theoretical constructs;
  • map out the various themes, issues of focus, and areas of concrete progress in the work of cooperative economics & management and its development; and
  • feature and facilitate cross-pollination between disparate voices, traditions and professional communities engaged in cooperative economics & management. Proposals should generally fit one of the following sections of the book:

Theoretical Foundations
Foundational research.

Relational Methods for Cooperation

▫ Contributions to suitable research methods for analyzing cooperation.

Management, Entrepreneurship, Organization

▫ Intra-organizational issues (e.g., governance), entrepreneurial challenges, tensions between management and democracy, etc.

Society, Technology, and Innovation
▫ Relationship between technology and cooperation, platform coops, etc.

Education and Media
Communicating and transmitting cooperative principles and identity, etc.

Sustainability and Ecology
Submissions focusing on the intersection of cooperation & sustainability.

Movements and Prospects
▫ Profiling international cooperative and mutualist (e.g., commons) movements, prospects and challenges.

Other / Advanced Topics
▫ Issues of particular interest: complexity & cooperation, R&D cooperation, issues of cooperation and human geography, diverse economics, etc.

*Note for the LPE Movement: The editors especially welcome submissions on the topics of public utilities and networks. Can they be better organized via subsidiaric, community-based enterprises? What alternatives exist?

More detail on the individual sections, as well as a pre-formatted spreadsheet* and the editors’ “mental map of cooperation”, which we request contributors fill out, can be found here.

Please submit your spreadsheet file to Jerome Warren before April 15, 2023. The editorial team will contact authors with decisions regarding abstract submissions by May 7, 2023 and expects to receive first article drafts by November, 2023.


* To aid the process of evaluating abstract submissions, interested contributors are asked to submit an Excel spreadsheet with the following information in four columns and 1 row (from left to right):

  1. Last Name, First Name
  2. Institutional Affiliation
  3. One-sentence biography
  4. Title of Paper
  5. Abstract text (no more than 200 words)