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The Shadow Docket with Steve Vladeck, Samuel Moyn, and Judith Resnik

Oct 24, 2023


Yale Law School (Rm 127) + Zoom

Time of Event:

Tuesday 12:10 ET

Please join the LPE Project on Tuesday, October 24th at 12:10 for a lunch talk with legal scholar, Supreme Court expert, and Charles Alan Wright Chair in Federal Courts, Stephen Vladeck about his latest best-selling book, “The Shadow Docket: How the Supreme Court Uses Stealth Rulings to Amass Power and Undermine the Republic.” 

In recent years, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority has increasingly turned to its “shadow docket” to issue unsigned and unexplained orders on critical issues such as voting laws, abortion bans, immigration policies, and COVID vaccine mandates. “The Shadow Docket” critically examines this practice, highlighting how decisions made without public hearings frequently leave both the legal community and the general public alarmed. Vladeck’s analysis underscores the profound implications of the shadow docket, posing challenges to the core tenets of the rule of law. 

Professor Vladeck will be in conversation with Samuel Moyn (Chancellor Kent Professor of Law and History at Yale University) and Judith Resnik (Arthur Liman Professor of Law at Yale Law School). 

This event will be conducted in a hybrid format at Yale Law School (Room 127). Those wishing to attend in person can register here. For virtual attendance, please register at this link