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LPE NYC aims to break down barriers by building a citywide network of students, professors, lawyers, organizers, and anyone else fighting for a better future.

New York City is the perfect place for the first metropolitan LPE effort. Law has shaped a city of extreme inequality rooted in hierarchies of race, class, gender, and identity, but these circumstances have also created a vibrant community of organizing, activism, and resistance to the status quo. 

We invite all like-minded New Yorkers to help us shape LPE NYC! We have a few initiatives in mind thus far:

  • “LPE in Practice” programming connecting students to lawyers and organizations
  • Practitioner-focused events certified as CLEs 
  • Reading groups 
  • Working groups
  • Organizing campaigns 

We welcome additional ideas! 

If you would like to participate in LPE NYC, please complete our 5-minute questionnaire.

We are also hosting an LPE NYC Junior Scholars Workshop. Each month, one participant will facilitate a discussion of a work-in-progress or short readings on a selected topic. The dates and times for Spring 2024 are Jan 21, Feb 18, Mar 17, and Apr 21. If you’re interested in the workshop, please register here.

Please check out our NYC Events Page for events that may be of interest.

 **LPE NYC is a joint initiative of the LPE Project, The Initiative for Community Power at NYU, and The Action Lab.