Corinne Blalock

Executive Director

Corinne Blalock is the Executive Director of the Law and Political Economy Project and an Associate Research Scholar at Yale Law School. Her research draws on her education in both law and critical theory, and uses studies of political economy alongside analysis of doctrinal and historical sources to explore how market logic and rhetoric transforms and limits the ways we imagine our society and the role of government in it.

Prior to joining the LPE Project, Corinne was a fellow at the Center for Race, Law, and Politics at Duke Law School while completing her PhD. She received her JD in 2014. Her dissertation, The Privatization of Protection: The Neoliberal Fourteenth Amendment, traces how the liberal ideals of equal protection and due process have been redefined according to the needs, logics, and limits of the market with material consequences disproportionately borne by the poor and working class.

Corinne published her first LPE-related article in the issue of Law & Contemporary Problems on Law & Neoliberalism, edited by David Singh Grewal and Jedediah Britton-Purdy. That article, titled “Neoliberalism and the Crisis of Legal Theory,” argues that previous critical legal movements’ failed to recognize and account for the shift from liberalism to neoliberalism. It calls for a revitalized critical legal project that goes beyond nostalgia for the liberal welfare state, rejects the false division between identity and class, and refocuses on political economy as the central theoretical rubric.

Corinne can be reached via email at [email protected]