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Neoliberalism Primer

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An LPE Reading List and Introduction to Neoliberalism.

What is “neoliberalism”? What sorts of institutions and ways of thinking characterize the “neoliberal era”? How might law reflect commitments of neoliberalism in different domains—in, for example, employment discrimination, criminal law, international trade, or welfare reform? This introduction offers a broad overview ofthe concept and the scholarly approaches to studying and theorizing it. It is followed by a bibliography, which provides resources to help answer some of these questions.

This primer was prepared for the Anti-Monopoly and Regulated Industries Summer Academy. Sam Aber drafted it in consultation with the Faculty Planning Committee, which included Amy Kapczynski, Sabeel Rahman, William Novak, Frank Pasquale, Lina Khan, and Project Lead Jay Varellas. Many thanks are also due to Kate Redburn and Corinne Blalock for their deeply knowledgeable edits, and to David Grewal and Jedediah Purdy for their essential feedback on an earlier draft.