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Brooklyn LPE Collective

The Brooklyn Law and Political Economy Collective seeks to challenge legal pedagogical boundaries by breaking down the divide between law in the private and law in the public spheres in the interest of social justice, including economic, racial, gender, environmental justice. We examine how law shapes and upholds systems of power and we promote scholarship, speaking events, and reading groups that analyze and envision alternatives to the inequality created by our current political economy. Our examination ranges across legal subjects such as antitrust and economic justice, police and prison abolition, labor rights, confronting U.S. imperialism, and climate crises.

The LPE Collective will partner with existing student groups and interested faculty to create events such as a teach-in, a speaking series, and reading groups with faculty-curated curricula. By fostering scholarship and discussion, the Collective seeks to understand law as a tool to dismantle oppressive systems and to create a democratic and just world. 

For more information or to get involved, please contact Torrey Crim ( and Lubaba Ahmed (