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The CUNY Law and Political Economy Collective (CUNY LPE) is a student-led group dedicated to the subordination of law and legal practice to the project of building working-class power and liberation.

CUNY LPE seeks to demystify the law, recognize and interrogate its role in and relationship to political power, and connect it to our everyday lives. We approach the study and practice of law from our grounded experiences and day-to-day political and collective struggles as New Yorkers and through the lenses of economic, racial, gender, health, disability, and environmental justice. During the year, we read legal scholarship, facilitate reading group discussions, host speakers and panel events, and run hands-on trainings, which include skill-building to win organizing campaigns and using Narcan to reverse opioid overdoses. 

CUNY LPE develops events in conjunction with other student groups and works in solidarity with PSC-CUNY in the pursuit of dignified working conditions and in opposition to austerity.

To get involved, please email and we will put you in touch.