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Stanford LPE

The SLS Law and Political Economy (LPE) group is part of the larger LPE movement, which is a network of scholars, practitioners, and students advancing a legal paradigm rooted in the reality that politics and economics cannot be separated–and that the law is vital in shaping both. LPE centers questions of political economy to confront present-day crises such as regional and racial inequality; ecological devastation; and unaccountable corporate power. The LPE community shares a commitment to mass democracy and an interest in alternatives to the neoliberal economic logic that underlies so many areas of law and policymaking. In that spirit, LPE supports academic work that traces the legal theories that have contributed to our moment, as well as scholarship that proposes new ways to democratize our economy and create a more just, equal, and sustainable future. Check out more about LPE here:

Please contact David Toppelberg (, Harry Bagenstos (, and Ross Snyder ( for more information.