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University of Victoria LPE Society

The University of Victoria Law and Political Economy Society (UVic LPE), founded in Fall 2021, is the first LPE student group in Canada. We believe that the LPE Project’s critical diagnosis of contemporary legal thought is not confined to the American experience but exposes a common set of fundamental theoretical and practical problems shared by the Canadian law.

The UVic LPE currently works to achieve the following objectives:

(A.) Initiate the theoretical attempt to apply the LPE framework to Canadian law and contain further conservative influence upon law students through active LPE commentary in classroom and spontaneous LPE discussion sessions outside classroom.

(B.) Inform students of the intellectual debates surrounding (a.) Neoliberalism in political and social thought, (b.) Law & Economics in the legal field and (c.) Cost-Benefit Analysis in the public policy arena, all of which have been receiving too little attention in the current JD curriculum at UVic Law.

(C.) Counter law students’ particular susceptibility to the reification of legal concepts by historically and socially situate the Project as part of a long trajectory of the development of progressive American legal thought from legal realism to critical legal studies movement, feminist legal theory, and critical race theory, etc.

(D.) Explore interdisciplinary approaches to law that can serve as a more theoretically powerful tool for UVic’s long-standing intercultural commitment to the research of indigenous law.

(E.) Consolidate support for leftists and marginalized groups within the law student body and connect with other student organizations at UVic with similar political orientations.

If you would like to know more about UVic LPE or get involved, feel free to contact us: