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From Steel to Health Care to Broke

In Braddock, Pennsylvania - home to America’s first mill for the mass production of steel - more than a third of residents now live beneath the poverty line. How did Braddock go from a steel town to a hospital town to broke?

The Racial Wealth Gap and the Question of Time Zero

Each year teaching Property Law, I have taught many of the big cases and topics on race and property law, such as M’Intosh and Dred Scott; segregationist turbulence in rights of reasonable access; public accommodations law; racially restrictive covenants; the Fair Housing Act. I never quite had a cohesive idea about this—they each seemed formative.…

Property Law as Poverty Law

I recently interviewed a man in a weakened rural town who makes sausages for a local meat packing business on the 3am shift. He told me about a homeless woman who had come to the meat shop one dark morning with blood-soaked hands. Delirious with cold and exhaustion, she had punched in the glass on…