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Dead Again? Mutant Neoliberalism and Crisis Reinvention

Will the rise of new political forces and the explosion of global crises sound neoliberalism’s death knell? Or will ostensible challenges to existing political and economic orders instead catalyze new mutations in neoliberalism’s dynamic development? Mutant Neoliberalism, a recent edited collection, brings together leading scholars of neoliberalism—political theorists, historians, philosophers, anthropologists and sociologists—to rethink transformations…

Compatibility as Complicity? On Neoliberalism and Human Rights

In his latest book, Sam Moyn contrasts the international human rights movement’s focus on achieving “sufficiency,” with more egalitarian conceptions of national welfare and global justice that aspired to curb the unbridled concentration of private wealth. Importantly, however, the book also insists that human rights are not synonymous with forms of neoliberal economic rationality that led to the post-war welfare state’s dismantling.

Tax policy is human rights policy

“[T]ax policy is…human rights policy.” – Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights On the eve of December 1, 2017—as members of the United States Senate prepared for a late night of political contestation—Senator Bernie Sanders made the Republican tax bill a human rights issue. Senator Sanders drew attention to UN…