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Weekly Roundup: April 2, 2021


At the Blog

We had the first blogged iteration of the deconstructed Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism conference! Regular readers will recall that the conference, originally scheduled to in be in person in April of last year, is now taking place online, via a combination of blog posts and videos.

Our first blogged panel is actually a conversation between Susan Dianne Brophy and Anastasia Tataryn, entitled “Producing Subjects”. Check it out!

Future panels will be peppered through April and May.

In LPE Land

Speaking of the conference, another video panels coming up. On April 8, Intersectional Environmentalism and the Biden Administration.

And on April 9, the LPE 101 course continues with Lev Menand on the law of money. (Yesterday’s session with Sanjukta Paul went great, video to be posted shortly).

Tomorrow is the due date for the IGLP Global Scholars Academy application!