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Weekly Roundup: April 30, 2021


At the Blog

Ivana Isailović argued that the European Green Deal currently being considered will not actually result in the transformation that is necessary to limit the effects of climate change.

Amy Kapczynski made the moral and practical case for breaking patents and ramping up vaccine production. Next week, she’ll follow up with the legal case.

In LPE Land

Coming This Summer: AMRI 2.0

The LPE Project is pleased to announce it will be holding a second Anti-Monopoly and Regulated Industries Summer Academy. “AMRI 2.0” will be an eight-week program and weekly classes will begin on Tuesday, June 1.  Confirmed faculty include Amy Kapczyski (Yale), Frank Pasquale (Brooklyn), Lina Khan (Columbia), William Novak (Michigan), Suresh Naidu (Columbia), Sandeep Vaheesan (Open Markets Institute), Allison Hoffman (Penn), Morgan Ricks (Vanderbilt), Saule Omarova (Cornell), and Kate Andrias (Michigan).

More details and information on how to apply will be posted next week. You can read more about the AMRI project at