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Weekly Roundup: July 23, 2021


At the Blog

We started a symposium on Courts and Capitalism, carried over from the Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism conference.

Kathryn Sabbeth initiated the proceedings with a detailed meditation on the many points at which our system of litigation privileges the development of rich people’s law and underdevelops poor people’s law.

Matthew Dimick turned the conversation to the perennial question of the law-politics divide, exploring how designing society around exchanges requires litigation, which depoliticizes distribution.

More next week!

In LPE Land

Next week is the 3rd Annual Summer Academy on Law, Money, and Technology (virtually) at Manchester University! Many LPE-ers will be presenting and discussing. Join them!

On August 3 APPEAL and the LPE Project will be co-hosting office hours for folks going on the job market this year. Golden opportunity!

Don’t forget that CFP for the brand-new peer-and-student-reviewed LPE-friendly Michigan Journal of Law and Society! Due August 31.