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Weekly Roundup: March 19, 2021


At the Blog

This week we concluded our symposium celebrating the second issue of the Journal of Law and Political Economy:

On Monday, Ioannis Kampourakis translated US-ian critiques of neoliberalism into the more European idiom of ordoliberalism, exploring what future LPE-type analyses might have in Europe.

On Tuesday, Noah Zatz argued that mass incarceration has a little-appreciated impact on labor markets by creating a baseline of hyper-exploitation against which the deteriorating working conditions of the legitimate market can compare favorably.

In LPE Land

The Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism conference continues–and continues to expand! On March 25, top Marxist legal scholars will come together to explore recent developments in Marxist theory and how they relate to other frameworks in LPE.

On March 26, APPEAL’s “What is Capitalism?” reading group will have another meeting. Make sure to sign up at!