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Weekly Roundup: September 10, 2021


At the blog

We started a symposium on Vulnerability Theory & LPE, carried over from the Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism conference.

On Tuesday, Martha McCluskey, Hila Keren, & Ronit Donyets-Kedar initiated the proceedings by introducing vulnerability theory, and explaining how it can help us address systemic societal challenges.

On Wednesday, Martha McCluskey argued that we should abandon the neoliberal ideal of the sovereign, autonomous individual, in favor of the embodied, embedded subject.

More from this symposium next week!

And on Thursday, as part of our ongoing symposium on Destin Jenkins’s The Bonds of Inequality, Brian Highsmith suggested that American cities’ reliance on municipal debt should be understood as one instance of a general dynamic, in which fiscal federalism makes cities dependent on concentrated, mobile capital.