Weekly Roundup (September 18, 2020)


A crowded and motley week at the blog! This week…

Luke Herrine (that’s me!) explained why folks who identify as critical realists should read the work of anthropologist David Graeber, who died earlier this month.

Martha McCluskey contributed to the symposium on socialist constitutionalism we got going this summer with an argument for how leftists should be articulating the meaning of the constitution in terms of collective empowerment rather than individual protection in a world of cutthroat competition.

Sandeep Vaheesan interviewed Frank Pasquale about his forthcoming book New Laws of Robotics on the political economy of automation of labor.

Erik Peinert countered common myths about international competition as a space beyond regulation with some historical and theoretical background on global antitrust and market governance.

Elsewhere on the internet: at The Nation, CRT OG Cheryl Harris responded to President Trump’s attacks on critical race theory.

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