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LPE NYC: Night School on the Law & Political Economy of Housing

Nov 30, 2023


The New School & Zoom

Time of Event:

6 - 8pm ET

‘Law and Political Economy of Housing’ is the second session of the New School’s LPE Night School. It is a conversation between Brian Highsmith (Harvard Law School) and Robert Robinson (Partners for Dignity and Rights), moderated by Raúl Carrillo (Columbia Law School), on the role of law in creating New York’s epic housing crisis and how it builds or undermines the opportunities for collective action in response. 

The Night School is a collaboration between LPE NYC and the Politics department of the New School for Social Research, designed to introduce non-lawyers to law from a critical perspective. From growing inequality to further entrenching hierarchies of race, class, gender and identity, law is inextricably bound up with many of our most pressing problems. But dominant ways of analyzing law can obscure its role in social and economic life. LPE (‘Law and Political Economy’) approaches seek to show the way the law structures our distinctive political economy in order to elaborate better tools for making social change.

This series brings together scholars and practitioners for public lectures and conversations on selected legal topics. Each session offers a critical exploration of an important issue in contemporary law and policy. Taken as a whole, the series offers a survey of major questions in critical legal thought and advocacy.

The series is designed to complement the minor in Law and Social Change at Eugene Lang, but it is open to everyone. Organizers, advocates, and others not currently enrolled in full-time degree programs are encouraged to attend. 

Due to technical difficulties, we lost approximately the first 10 minutes of the event.